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event and production support to prompt your teller

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when size is important

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for the competitive racer!!!

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design and hosting for your www thing!

What We Do

MediaMan Productions is an award winning communication and audiovisual production company created in February of 1990 by producer Will Reynolds. Over the years, MediaMan Productions has evolved from a company with many different disciplines to its current form as the holding company for four separate media/communication service businesses... Tennessee Prompters, Jumbo Bright Prompters of Tennessee, Internet Services and Fantasy Racing Stats. What hasn’t changed in nearly two decades of business is MediaMan Productions’ dedication to helping our customers convey their message to their audience, whether it’s to an internal audience, such as employee communications, or externally to customers, prospects and others. We use the internet, print, video and radio to deliver that message.

Contact Us

MediaMan Productions
727 Wildview Dr.
Nashville, TN. 37211-1142
Office: (615) 834-9655

Tennessee Prompters

Tennessee Prompters specializes in computerized teleprompter services for speeches and video presentations throughout the United States, with over 30 years of continuous prompting experience. more...

Jumbo Bright

Jumbo Bright Ultra Bright outdoor and special event teleprompter displays from Jumbo Bright Prompters. The playing field for outdoor and large room teleprompter displays has now shifted and once again, Tennessee Prompters is leading the way. more...

Fantasy Racing Stats

Fantasy Racing Stats is your exclusive source to the most powerful and practical Fantasy NASCAR research materials and driver performance statistics available. more...

Internet Services

MediaMan Productions has been offering professional website design and hosting in conjunction with our internet partner Boonehollow Design since 1996. more...